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Review of RoboGBPJPY by Nail Zakeriyaev

RoboGBPJPY EA was created by Nail Zakeriyaev and works on all currency pairs. The Expert Advisor follows the trend but it is recommended to choose pairs that often reverse with a day like the GBP JPY.

The EA is based on a strategy which consists of some standard indicators making the analysis on different time intervals. Additionally, Robo GBPJPY contains a reverse strategy which implies opening trades in two directions – buy and sell. The EA closes a position when either the stop loss or the take profit is reached.

Zakeriyaev recommends to use 0.1 lot for each $1000.

During his tests Zakeriyaev  adjusted the  is take profit setting only. On default it is set to 900 points (for 5 digit quotes; for 4 digit quotes remove the last 0 to have 90 instead of 900).

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