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BinaryOptions – Comparison Of Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Technical and Fundamental Analysis  – Comparison


Buying and selling assets is not a part of binary options trading. Instead, instinct and rational are used to speculate future asset price direction. With this being the case, digital options trading can be done using any asset of value. Stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, and Forex can all be traded within this platform and you never have to own stake in any of it.

Analysis is an important part of the process, as this is what is going to help you forecast price movement and then use this information to earn money from this form of trading. There are two forms of analysis – technical and fundamental. These work best when used together, but you must know what each entails in order to be able to arrive at accurate predictions.

Fundamental analysis takes into account many variables and reports such as GDP, interest rates, unemployment statistics, commerce balance, the cost of living, CPI, PPI, and more. Fundamental analysis is made up of economic, company, and industry evaluation – all of which may need to be taking into consideration while trading. Each of these reports and updates represents at least one investment opportunity, if not several.

Each of these things represent economic variables which can be used to make investment decisions, while industry research is performed simply to analyze a particular industry like automobile or housing. As for specific company examination, you’ll want to track the most recent news and any events which are connected to the company. This form of analysis is actually quite easy to complete and typically does not take much time. You really only need access to news and the ability to determine how various types of reports are going to impact market sentiment.

Technical analysis is the review of past asset price behaviors, patterns, and/or the direction of the general market conditions by means of the graphical rendering which reveals trade volume and asset price motion for different time periods. There are a number of charts and graphs which are used to reflect on past price movement. Most binary options brokers now provide these important analysis tools.

In addition to charts and graphs, there are a number of indicators which can be used to transform past price movement into future price movement prediction. These may not be ideal for beginner level traders, but they can certainly enter the picture after you master the basics and gain more experience. Although paying for analysis tools is not a must, there are paid charting tools to consider using should you find value in them.

Both of these types of analysis are quite different, yet they compliment each other quite well. There are going to be times when one type is more important than the other. There will also be times when more or less analysis is necessary. As you gain more experience in trading binary options, you should naturally learn how to perform analysis and should be able to reduce the time commitment associated with being able to forecast asset price movement.

Indicator for TS – “Altersw”

Indicator for TS – “Altersw”

ELA file

 Terminal = TradeStation

tarding stile = swing

formate of file – ela


Occur    : Which occurance of swing to searched for (i.e.

1 = most recent, 2 = 2nd most recent, ect…)

Price1   : Specifies which price is to be used for the 1st

swing point (i.e. H or High)

Price2   : Specifies which price is to be used for the next

swing point (i.e. L or Low)

Strength : Specifies required # of bars whose highs are to

be less than the swing high found (or whose lows

are to be greater than the swing low found)

Length   : Specifies # of trailing bars to consider in search

for swing high/low.

Download Indicator for TS – “Altersw”