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REVIEW of Profit Swing System

REVIEW of Profit Swing – A Swing Trading System

Profit Swing by AntFX is a technical middle-term swing trading system, which is designed to trade the EURUSD on the 1H timeframe. The size of spreads and commissions has minimal effect on the results. Therefore, you do not have to seek brokers with questionable reputation offering “perfect” trading conditions. Profit Swing is comfortable with any broker.


fx1618 readers, As you know, the classic approach advises to risk 1% – 5% in a deal. The vendor advises the same. For larger values of risk there is a probability of getting loss on results of a year, although there is a probability to gain impressive profit like it was in especially resultative years 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2010. 1% risk in a deal allows expecting up to 240% year gain with 10% – 30% drawdowns. 2% risk in a deal allows limiting drawdowns in 20% – 50% range with profit expectation up to 840%.

Profit Swing  2008

AntFX is a professional Forex trader, engaged in trading since 2008. He developed and used a variety of trading systems and methods. He trades only with the robots that he writes himself. Since 2012, he also helps other traders to write and automate their trading systems.


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