Trend Stream indicator for scans the FX market

This is 2015 indicator for forex traders with name “Trend Stream

Trend Stream indicator chart

It filters out bad trade setups, and shows you which patterns will likely lead to big market moves…

Indicator give you high-probability pullback patterns in real time


 Trend Stream indicator  Download link




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Best stocks to buy for long term 2015

Best stocks to buy for long term 2015

3 to 5 years. 

JPM 55.89 0.18 0.32%
UTX 119.03 1.50 1.28%
VMI 118.04 0.46 0.39%
YUM 71.50 0.35 0.49%
CVX 108.16 1.69 1.59%
GOOGL 520.39 10.45 2.05%
QCOM 71.59 -0.89 -1.23%

Farr, Miller & Washington

JP Morgan (JPM)

JPMorgan, like the industry at giant, has been operational in a} very tough surroundings over the past many years. Given new banking rules when the money crisis, banks can virtually definitely turn out inferior returns on equity relative to those enjoyed before the crisis.

United Technologies (UTX)

United Technologies could be a distributed industrial company that has product and services to the buildings systems and region industries worldwide. the corporate is well distributed each geographically (61 p.c of 2013 sales outside the U.S.) and by finish market (aerospace comprised fifty three p.c of 2013 sales and industrial & industrial forty seven percent). The company’s region sales target each industrial and government (including each defense and space) customers.

Valmont (VMI)

Valmont Industries could be a wide-ranging international producer of designed product and services for infrastructure, and water-conserving irrigation instrumentality for agriculture.

Although the company’s finish markets are thought-about extremely alternating, they run in distinct cycles that should not be extremely correlative. the corporate should, in general, benefit from some very powerful long-run secular drivers, together with exaggerated urbanization and international infrastructure growth, exaggerated investment within the power system and telecommunications infrastructure (4G build out), continued increase with increased demand for food and healthier diets, and a restricted water.

YUM! Brands (YUM)

Yum! Brands owns and operates 3 major alimentation concepts: KFC, dish Hut and Taco Bell.

For the second time in four years, Yum! Brands has had to contend with negative publicity surrounding food issues of safety in China, that accounts for roughly fifty p.c of the company’s revenue. thanks to the weakness in China management down its EPS growth target for full-year 2014 to mid-single digits compared to the foremost recent steering for growth of half dozen p.c to ten p.c.

Chevron (CVX)

Chevron is a U.S.-based integrated oil and utility with world operations.

We’ve seen the worth of oil come back down forty p.c over the past four months and costs might so head lower before finding equilibrium. Demand has been weak this year, however ought to recover riddance {a world|a worldwide|a world} recession as global GDP typically drives demand growth. offer can modify as low costs can cut back capital expenditures for brand new provides and there’s a natural decline in production of existing wells of between 3 and 5 p.c per annum. U.S. sedimentary rock wells have natural decline rates of seventy p.c or additional in barely the primary year of production.

Google (GOOG)

After a stellar 2013, Google long-faced some challenges in 2014 and people problems remain an overhang on the stock. the european Union investigation of vertical search is unlikely to own a cloth monetary impact, however that combined with a separate robot investigation and general tax risks have created uncertainty round the stock.

Qualcomm (QCOM)

Qualcomm is a leading developer, designer, and manufacturer of digital wireless telecommunication merchandise.

The company hit a rough patch in 2014 as an investigation by China’s National Development and Reform Commission for noncompetitive practices has hurt its ability to gather licensing fees on some handsets factory-made in China. These licensing problems hurt earnings per share by roughly five % over the last 2 quarters. Ultimately, China and Qualcomm would like one another. China would love to grow its emergent factory business (semiconductor production), and Qualcomm shifting some production to China would be a decent begin. On the flip aspect, China could be approving licenses for 4G service and therefore the growth in 4G telephone sets in China is a vital and growing driver of world handset growth. Average telephone set costs area unit declining, tho’ the speed of decline is probably going to moderate as rising market middle categories grow and obtain dearer phones.


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BinaryOptions – Comparison Of Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Technical and Fundamental Analysis  – Comparison


Buying and selling assets is not a part of binary options trading. Instead, instinct and rational are used to speculate future asset price direction. With this being the case, digital options trading can be done using any asset of value. Stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, and Forex can all be traded within this platform and you never have to own stake in any of it.

Analysis is an important part of the process, as this is what is going to help you forecast price movement and then use this information to earn money from this form of trading. There are two forms of analysis – technical and fundamental. These work best when used together, but you must know what each entails in order to be able to arrive at accurate predictions.

Fundamental analysis takes into account many variables and reports such as GDP, interest rates, unemployment statistics, commerce balance, the cost of living, CPI, PPI, and more. Fundamental analysis is made up of economic, company, and industry evaluation – all of which may need to be taking into consideration while trading. Each of these reports and updates represents at least one investment opportunity, if not several.

Each of these things represent economic variables which can be used to make investment decisions, while industry research is performed simply to analyze a particular industry like automobile or housing. As for specific company examination, you’ll want to track the most recent news and any events which are connected to the company. This form of analysis is actually quite easy to complete and typically does not take much time. You really only need access to news and the ability to determine how various types of reports are going to impact market sentiment.

Technical analysis is the review of past asset price behaviors, patterns, and/or the direction of the general market conditions by means of the graphical rendering which reveals trade volume and asset price motion for different time periods. There are a number of charts and graphs which are used to reflect on past price movement. Most binary options brokers now provide these important analysis tools.

In addition to charts and graphs, there are a number of indicators which can be used to transform past price movement into future price movement prediction. These may not be ideal for beginner level traders, but they can certainly enter the picture after you master the basics and gain more experience. Although paying for analysis tools is not a must, there are paid charting tools to consider using should you find value in them.

Both of these types of analysis are quite different, yet they compliment each other quite well. There are going to be times when one type is more important than the other. There will also be times when more or less analysis is necessary. As you gain more experience in trading binary options, you should naturally learn how to perform analysis and should be able to reduce the time commitment associated with being able to forecast asset price movement.

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Review of Price Action EA by T. Rozehnal

Price Action EA  by T. Rozehnal

The PriceAction System is created by Tomas Rozehnal and is a high quality Expert Advisor, robot  based on his very own personal know-how, 7 years experience in full time FX trading and a lot of cooperation with hedge funds and other financial companies. Rozehnal personally trades the Price Action System mostly as semi-automatic system. However it is also possible to trade it fully automatically and take advantage of fast Price Action System technology. His personal active online mentoring and PDF document about his long-term experience and personal know-how are included in the price of Price Action System as well as any future update.

The entry conditions are based on a quite complicated algorithm. It usually opens a trade when the market starts trending supported by a strong move. The Price Action System opens a trade in the direction of the move. The system analyzes price and information gathered from the market every time the price changes. Thanks to that the system is able to enter the market extremely quickly and effectively.

The exit conditions depend on market conditions and if Rozehnal would like to trade it as semi-automatic EA or fully automated EA. In the case of fully automated EA he mostly exits a trade based on trailing stop and time exit combination. Both strategies and their settings are adapted to current market conditions. Of course, every trade has stop loss in the event of loss.

Rozehnal describes would say that it is trend following system. Price Action System is able to react extremely quickly so it usually recognizes short-term strong trends which are hard to find manually and which usually result in long-term trends.

Price Action System uses mostly trailing stops and inactivity stops. The key to success is to adapt to market situation and market moves. That’s the main point of my personal active online mentoring.

The system allows setting volume on every single trade. Rozehnal wanted to make sure that his clients will see true strength of Price Action System entries/exits when they will test it as demo version. So in his he does not use money management during testing. It makes results unreal and useless systems brilliant (it’s one of cheating tricks of professional EA sellers – but unsuccessful traders).

The maximum drawdown over 4 months of live trading is 3,77%. The risk/reward ratio depends on market situation – just take profits if market is giving them and keep profits grow. Rozehnal’s personal maximum drawdown was 18,75% trading with extremely aggressive setting – however profits were even higher than in the live trading account statement published here.

Price Action System was created for trending markets. During ranging markets it doesn’t trade (based on trading hours and also its own detection of ranging market conditions).

Tomas Rozehnal is a private hedge fund trader situated in Europe with over 10 years of experience in futures and stocks market and 7 years of experience in Forex. His motto: “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong” by George Soros.


Rozehnal has put much effort into developing his EA and supporting his customers. We need some more information before we can rate it. Unfortunately, there are no real money account statement available so far.

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REVIEW of Profit Swing System

REVIEW of Profit Swing – A Swing Trading System

Profit Swing by AntFX is a technical middle-term swing trading system, which is designed to trade the EURUSD on the 1H timeframe. The size of spreads and commissions has minimal effect on the results. Therefore, you do not have to seek brokers with questionable reputation offering “perfect” trading conditions. Profit Swing is comfortable with any broker.

fx1618 readers, As you know, the classic approach advises to risk 1% – 5% in a deal. The vendor advises the same. For larger values of risk there is a probability of getting loss on results of a year, although there is a probability to gain impressive profit like it was in especially resultative years 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2010. 1% risk in a deal allows expecting up to 240% year gain with 10% – 30% drawdowns. 2% risk in a deal allows limiting drawdowns in 20% – 50% range with profit expectation up to 840%.

AntFX is a professional Forex trader, engaged in trading since 2008. He developed and used a variety of trading systems and methods. He trades only with the robots that he writes himself. Since 2012, he also helps other traders to write and automate their trading systems.


Link to Official site

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