Indicator for TS – “Altersw”

Indicator for TS – “Altersw”

ELA file

 Terminal = TradeStation

tarding stile = swing

formate of file – ela


Occur    : Which occurance of swing to searched for (i.e.

1 = most recent, 2 = 2nd most recent, ect…)

Price1   : Specifies which price is to be used for the 1st

swing point (i.e. H or High)

Price2   : Specifies which price is to be used for the next

swing point (i.e. L or Low)

Strength : Specifies required # of bars whose highs are to

be less than the swing high found (or whose lows

are to be greater than the swing low found)

Length   : Specifies # of trailing bars to consider in search

for swing high/low.

Download Indicator for TS – “Altersw”

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